What is truckload shipping?


Truckload shipping is the movement of miscellaneous cargo, specifically shipping the amount of goods necessary to completely fulfill a semi-trailer or intermodal container. Longshot Logistics will generally contract an entire trailer (or multiple trailers) at a discounted shipping rate. This is not to be confused with less-than-truckload shipping, or LTL. That type of shipping involves smaller volumes of freight. A trucking carrier will mix the freight from multiple customers to fill each trailer. (If this sounds like what you need, please visit our LTL site, www.ltlfreightcenter.com.) One benefit of truckload shipping is one carrier will typically handle your freight from start to finish, reducing shipping issues.

Most truckload shipping forms ask for the key information needed to get a quote. If you have questions about if truckload is right for you, call now or complete this form to get a quote.