What is Intermodal Shipping?

Truckload or Partial Truckload shipping

INTERMODAL FREIGHT SHIPPING Intermodal freight transport is the movement or shipping of freight in a shipping container by multiple transportation vehicles such as trains, ships and trucks. During the transport no single company handles the freight itself. Instead, the container simply moves from one vehicle to another without changing modes. This is a great shipping … Read more

What is truckload shipping?

Truckload Freight Loading

TRUCKLOAD (FULL TRUCKLOAD) Truckload shipping is the movement of miscellaneous cargo, specifically shipping the amount of goods necessary to completely fulfill a semi-trailer or intermodal container. Longshot Logistics will generally contract an entire trailer (or multiple trailers) at a discounted shipping rate. This is not to be confused with less-than-truckload shipping, or LTL. That type … Read more

Load Booking Procedures

Load Booking Procedures

Longshot Logistics Load Booking Procedures: Simple Steps to Speed Up the Shipping Process You have your load: now you just need to get it to its destination. The question is: how? How should you ship your full truck load cargo to the buyer and what sort of process should you expect to speed along that … Read more