Truck load Shipping: What is it?

Truck load shipping involves moving an amount of similar cargo of a large enough quantity to fill a semi-truck trailer or an intermodal container. It delivers one customer’s freight dock-to-dock. Full truck load or FTL as it’s often called may also include flatbed, refrigerated, heavy haul, or hotshot freight. There are several factors that separate … Read more

Where Can You Find the Best Truckload Rates?

If you’ve got a truckload shipment, you want the best truckload rates, right? Of course, you do. The challenge is finding them. Let’s start with where you won’t find them. You won’t find the best truckload rates on the internet. Yes, you can do a search and you’ll find ads for companies as well as … Read more

What is Hot Shot Trucking?

Hot shot trucking refers to a type of for-hire-freight hauled by a Class 3 to 5 truck in combination with different trailer types. The term itself is often loosely used to describe a variety of freight types. Sometimes expedited freight runs are called hot shot. A true hot shot load has four characteristics: truck type, … Read more

What is Flatbed Trucking?

Flatbed trucking is a type of trucking where a truck tractor, or cab, hauls freight secured to an open, flat trailer. Flatbed loads have “legal” dimensions. If the load exceeds these requirements, additional and substantial fees may apply. Flatbed Dimensions A legal flatbed load must be equal to or less than 8’6” high, 8’6” wide … Read more