Being Cheap Can Be Very Expensive in a Tight Shipping Market

Let me ask you a question… …if you needed to buy a pair of shoes, would you rather spend $20 or $100 for the same pair of shoes? (This does, I promise, concern today’s tight shipping market!) Like most of us, you’re probably thinking $20 of course. None of us – myself included – likes … Read more

Refrigerated Truckload Services

Refrigerated trucking demands a high on-time percentage. That’s why distributors of perishable foods and goods who need refrigerated truckload in Houston, TX, turn to Longshot Logistics for their refrigerated transport needs! Refrigerated Transport Frozen foods need to arrive frozen. Fresh produce needs to arrive fresh. Perishables need to arrive ready for sale. Refrigerated transport makes … Read more

What Flatbed Trucking Services Do You Need?

Flatbed trucking services come in many shapes and sizes. Flatbed may sound like a subcategory of truckload, but flatbed – especially flatbed, can be broken down further. Building materials, machinery, construction, farming and other equipment represent some of the freight that travels on a flatbed truck and many of these may have special needs. With … Read more

What to Expect for Flatbed Trucking Rates in 2017

as published on LinkedIn Flatbed trucking rates might surprise shippers in 2017. According to transportation economist Noel Perry, trucking rates look set to climb between 5-7% through the year. This might seem odd since freight rates have been down since 2015, but several factors will lead to increases. Lower rates forced a contraction of the … Read more

Benefits of Truckload Brokers

Truckload brokers deliver big benefits to companies of all sizes. For SMBs, a freight broker is like having a full shipping department. For large enterprises, a truckload broker can cut costs and simplify supply chain management with advanced reporting and strategic recommendations. A good freight broker offers a complete range of services for truckload or … Read more