Truck load Shipping: What is it?

truck load shippingTruck load shipping involves moving an amount of similar cargo of a large enough quantity to fill a semi-truck trailer or an intermodal container. It delivers one customer’s freight dock-to-dock. Full truck load or FTL as it’s often called may also include flatbed, refrigerated, heavy haul, or hotshot freight.

There are several factors that separate truck load from partial truck load or LTL shipping.

Freight Handling. Once truck load freight gets loaded, it does not get touched until it reaches its destination dock. This differs from LTL freight that may get moved on and off a trailer on its way to the customer. Partial truck load ships more like truck load as the freight, once loaded, stays in place until it reaches the customer dock.

More Shipping Options.  Truck load shipping can handle more types of freight. Perishable freight can ship in a refrigerated truck. Large freight and heavy haul can go on a flatbed truck. Hazardous materials can ship with the special attention they require. LTL freight and partial truck load typically only ship in a trailer without the ability to accommodate special freight needs.

Faster Delivery. As truck load freight ships from dock-to-dock, it arrives faster. LTL freight makes many stops before delivery and can stop at multiple hubs on the way to its final destination. Truck load shipping serves one customer and goes from point-to-point making it a faster delivery type for long hauls.

One note on truck load delivery speed…its speed depends on it being a planned shipment. Unlike LTL freight which ships the same day, truck load needs to be arranged in advance. That’s one reason LTL is often described as a faster type of freight. The immediate solution for a business with a large amount of freight and a need to get it out the same day is partial truck load shipping.

Lower Risk of Damage. Since truckload freight doesn’t get moved after loading, there is much less risk of damage to the freight compared to LTL freight.

How to Get a Great Truck Load Shipping Service

There are really two ways to arrange truck load shipping. Call truck load carriers until you find one with the service and rates that match your need. Then you can negotiate the rate as needed.

The second option is to call a truckload freight broker like Longshot Logistics. Freight brokers work with hundreds of truck load carriers and owner/operators. Their software allows them to filter carriers to identify the ones who offer the service you need. Then they can get you already negotiated freight quotes and identify lanes with discounts to save you money, all with one call.