What Flatbed Trucking Services Do You Need?

Flatbed trucking servicesFlatbed trucking services come in many shapes and sizes. Flatbed may sound like a subcategory of truckload, but flatbed – especially flatbed, can be broken down further. Building materials, machinery, construction, farming and other equipment represent some of the freight that travels on a flatbed truck and many of these may have special needs.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at flatbed services.

Standard Flatbed Service. This is the most common type of trailer. Flatbed trailers can transport almost any type of freight anywhere it needs to go. In many cases it may be more secure than a covered trailer as all materials must be well secured with straps and chains.

Covered Flatbed Loads. Most trucking services can provide covers as an added service if the freight needs protection from the elements, dirt, grime or potential road debris. Heavy-duty tarps may be one option to cover the materials. Another option would be a trailer with a rolling tarp. This type of trailer is called a Conestoga trailer.

Over Height Loads. Step deck trailers offer a lower deck to accommodate freight that’s too tall for a  standard flatbed. This deck sits closer to the ground and often has a ramp to convenience. Often these type of trailers are used to transport construction and farm vehicles.

Extra Long Loads. For a  load like this, you need a stretch trailer. It’s just like a standard trailer, except for the cargo bed that extends. This adjustable bed prevents overhang and accommodates freight with long dimensions.

The Flatbed Trucking Services Every Shipper Needs

 Regardless of load type, every shipper requires their flatbed trucking services include one feature. It has nothing to do with the height, width or weight of their freight.

It’s customer service.

Nothing helps avert problems like good customer service. When looking for a flatbed broker, take a little extra time to learn about their customer service. This can save you money, time and a ton of headaches.

What does good customer service include?

To start, it features availability and communication. You should know who to call and what to expect when you call. Ideally, the freight broker will also be able to help solve problems created by severe weather, traffic delays and any of the many problems that can arise.

In a pinch, good customer service can make you look good in front of your customer. And isn’t that what every service is all about?

If you need flatbed services with an excellent customer service record, Longshot Logistics can help. Give us a call or send us an email here.

3PL Companies – Truckload Services Made Simple

a 3PL truckload freight imageFor a  3PL, booking a truckload delivery is checklist simple.  The resources and expertise of a 3PLcreate big benefits for both SMBs and larger enterprises.  They know how to plan, coordinate, and schedule the shipment so it gets out the door and delivered on-time and on-budget.

But a 3PLs services don’t end there.  Beyond shipment tracking, they can consolidate and analyze data to create strategies to make future shipments even more cost-effective.  Here’s how they simplify truckload booking and the benefits they bring.

The 3PL Checklist

All a 3PL firm does is book and manage freight.  They know the information they need.  They know the questions to ask to avoid unexpected surprises.

To arrange the paperwork and process the form efficiently, they need some basic information.  This includes:

  • Company and Contact Name
  • Phone number
  • Pickup location (City and State)
  • Drop off location (City and State)
  • A description of the load
  • Total estimated miles traveled
  • Total number of pallets
  • Shipment weight estimate

With this information, they move to the next step on their checklist.  That’s a few questions they’ll need to ask to identify special requirements.  These might include extra equipment you need, special classifications such as a hazmat load, and important delivery deadlines.

They might also ask if it’s a one-time shipment or will be multiple deliveries.

A 3PLs benefits really start with this next step.  They will plan the shipment.  They arrange the paperwork to make sure all the details are captured.  They coordinate and dispatch the appropriate personnel.  And they oversee the entire process.

The success of a truckload booking depends on the accurate and timely processing of forms.  A 3PL firm’s expertise allows them to do that for you.  And their expertise translates into big savings for businesses of every size.

Truckload Savings #1

3PLs save time.  For a company that doesn’t ship truckload often, they know the information needed and eliminate the back-and-forth with a carrier during the information gathering process.

They also have an extensive list of carriers that ensures they can find the service a business needs.  This eliminates the need to call around to find a carrier.  One call and you have the answer.

Plus, as subject experts they know the common problems that can occur and how to avoid them.  By avoiding common truckload booking pitfalls, they eliminate headaches and staff time spent on unnecessary problems.

All of this translates into faster revenue turn around.  Your product gets out your door and delivered faster.

Truckload Savings #2

 You could call this headache savings.  Or you can look at it as saving your customer service time for your customers instead of avoidable problems.

Look at it this way, when your truckload shipment delivers on time and without problems, you have happier customers.  And your staff can focus more on customer communication and solving customer problems rather than freight and delivery issues.  Happy customers always translate into repeat business and bigger revenues.

 Truckload Savings #3

A 3PL has access to dozens or more truckload carriers.  This means when you work with a 3PL you have access to all the services you might need.  It also means you can find the carrier with the lowest rate.

Beyond rates, a 3PL may also offer strategies to lower the cost of freight.  For example, a pallet based shipment may find big savings shipping partial truckload instead.  Partial truckload ships dock-to-dock like truckload.  Unlike truckload, it ships same day and requires a lot less planning.

And partial truckload may also offer substantial cost-savings.

To learn more about how a 3PL like Longshot Logistics can help you, or to learn more about partial truckload, click here.