Refrigerated Truckload Services

Refrigerated trucking demands a high on-time percentage. That’s why distributors of perishable foods and goods who need refrigerated truckload in Houston, TX, turn to Longshot Logistics for their refrigerated transport needs!

Refrigerated Transport

Frozen foods need to arrive frozen. Fresh produce needs to arrive fresh. Perishables need to arrive ready for sale.

Refrigerated transport makes this possible. Of course, this requires a capacity to meet every grower’s and distributor’s need. It also requires a high on-time percentage. When it comes to refrigerated trucking, late delivers simply don’t work.

Refrigerated Trucking Starts with Customer Service

For every refrigerated shipment to arrive on-time, it’s essential your freight broker and carriers clearly understand your need. Customer service representatives must take the time to know what your shipping, where it’s going and how best to get it there. They must also communicate consistently and, in our opinion, constantly to ensure you always know the status of your refrigerated shipment.

Frozen Foods and Perishables Need to Arrive On-time

Businesses that ship frozen foods, perishable goods and produce should vet their refrigerated truckload broker before arranging their first shipment. A business should be comfortable with their refrigerated transport shipper. They should also know what to expect in terms of communication, responsibility and capacity.

Fast refrigerated truckload quotes are great, but they don’t guarantee an on-time delivery or quality customer service.

Refrigerated Truckload in Houston and Across the U.S.

The best experience for a refrigerated shipment will come from a company that puts customer service first. A shipper should look for a company with a commitment to communicate (or even over-communicate!). Of course, on-time percentage is essential too. High capacity may be a consideration and one worth asking about as well.

If you have questions about your refrigerated transport needs, feel free to call Longshot Logistics. Our experienced representatives are prepared to answer your questions about every type of refrigerated service for all frozen foods, produce or perishable, whether you’re shipping out of Houston or from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.