Load Booking:  Steps to Speed Your Shipment

You have your load.  Now it’s time to ship.  Here’s a few simple steps to follow to make the load booking process simple, efficient and get your truckload shipment on the road and delivered.

Load Booking for Truckload shippingPlan Your Truckload Shipment

How much time should you plan to include to get your freight delivered?  We get this question all the time.

Once on the road, it all depends on how far it travels.  Local truckload or partial truckload shipments may take only a few hours.  Cross country destinations could require a few days.

In addition to transit time you need to include time for planning.  At Longshot Logistics, we need time to process the shipment, coordinate the carrier and dispatch the appropriate personnel.  Some freight types like refrigerated truckload or specialized shipments like hazmat freight may require additional planning.

We also want to work with you to make sure all the paperwork is in order. This ensures it gets out the door without last-minute problems.

Typically, we ask for at least a day.  The more advanced notice you give, the easier the process.  Sometimes that’s not possible and we understand that.  If you do have an urgent truckload shipment that needs to go, call us immediately.

Basic Information Needed For Load Booking

To get started, we need your contact information, company name and pick-up and delivery city and state codes.  With that information, we can estimate a truckload freight quote.

To book your load, we will need to know what makes up the load.  We also need to know the total weight, how many pallets make up the load, and any equipment needed to load and unload it.  Based on the destination(s), we’ll figure out the total mileage and create a manifest.

We also will need to know whether this will be a one-time shipment or a multi-part series of deliveries.

If your delivery location has special needs or requirements, you’ll want to share that too.  Important delivery information includes limited access facilities like schools, prisons or military bases.

Load Type

Do you need a standard van?  Or maybe a flatbed?  Do have special needs for freight such as hazmat services or a refrigerated load.

It also helps to speed the process if you share any extra requests you may have.  Requests like these might be driver assist where the driver helps load/unload the freight, pallet jacks, or tarped loads for flatbeds.


Do you need to expedite your shipment?  As a 3PL, we can help coordinate with you, the freight company and your customer.

To expedite a truckload or partial truckload shipment, call us immediately.   One of our logistics professionals will work with you to gather all the information, arrange for a carrier, and make sure all delivery requirements are understood by all parties involved.

Other Important Load Booking Details

Once booked, we will provide you with information regarding the carrier and the scheduled arrival.  If you need to make any last-minute changes to the volume of the shipment, the pick-up or drop-off locations, or contact information, let us know ASAP.

If at any point you have any questions or want to track the shipment, please contact your Longshot Logistics representative immediately.

To get started with your truckload or partial truckload shipment, call us now at 713-589-5512 or click here to contact us.