When to Choose Partial Truckload

Truckload or Partial Truckload shippingNot every truckload shipment should ship truckload.  Sometimes partial truckload makes more sense.

That may sound like heresy coming from a truckload provider.  I don’t see it that way.  I see it as good customer service.

Partial truckload also goes by the terms “load-to-ride” or “volume LTL”.  It gives you the best of both truckload and LTL services.  Here’s a few reasons it may make more sense than truckload.

You need to deliver – fast!

A lot like LTL freight, partial truckload ships same day. You call, get your quote and book it. This gets your shipment out the door and on its way to your customer. It’s a great solution for urgent shipments or when you just need to get your product out the door and on the road.

Like truckload freight, it goes dock-to-dock. It doesn’t run through a hub like common LTL freight.  This means you can get your truckload shipment out the door same day.

Easier Load Booking

It requires less planning than full truckload. This can save you a lot of time and energy coordinating pick-up and delivery. Plus, quoting is a lot simpler.

Lower Costs

Partial truckload works on a fixed rate based on space used and weight.  This removes class from the equation.  As a result, in many cases a full truckload shipment broken into two partial truckload shipments will cost less.

The only way to find out it to ask your carrier.  If your carrier doesn’t offer this service, you can call around or contact a 3PL.

How a 3PL Makes Truckload and Partial Truckload Simple

Not all truckload carriers offer partial truckload services.  For that matter, not all LTL carriers offer these services.

A business can call around or search online to find a provider.  But really, who has the time for that?

A 3PL like Longshot Logistics eliminates all this work.  One phone call gives you access to a host of common carriers and every service to meet every need.  And a 3PL professional logistics representative can  help create a strategy to meet your time and cost requirements.

Is partial truckload an option for every truckload  shipment?  No, of course not.  But in those cases where it does, the time and cost savings make it worth your while.

If you think 3PL services might benefit you, click here to learn more.