What is Intermodal Shipping?

Truckload or Partial Truckload shipping


Intermodal freight transport is the movement or shipping of freight in a shipping container by multiple transportation vehicles such as trains, ships and trucks. During the transport no single company will handle the freight itself, instead simply moves the container from one vehicle to another without changing modes. This is a great shipping device where security or when you want to minimize the handling of the goods being shipped. Intermodal will greatly reduce your shipping costs and will typically allow for faster transport.

Longshot Logistics only handles truckload shipping. Please fill out the form for a Intermodal Shipping Quote.

Load Booking Procedures

Load Booking Procedures

Longshot Logistics Load Booking Procedures: Simple Steps to Speed Up the Shipping Process
You have your load: now you just need to get it to its destination. The question is: how? How should you ship your full truck load cargo to the buyer, and what sort of process should you expect to speed along that shipment? If you are looking to contract with Longshot Logistics, here are a few simple tips to speed along your van full truckload, flatbed, reefer or hazmat shipment process.

While it will likely take at least a few hours and possibly several days to ship your partial or full truckload shipment to its destination depending on the location of that destination, you should also allocate some time for the staff here at Longshot Logistics to process your shipment. For both full truckload and flatbed loads, you should provide us with at least one full day to be aware of the load’s existence and to dispatch necessary personnel. And always, make sure that all your paperwork is in order before scheduling the load. The faster we can process your forms, the faster your load will be picked up and delivered.

So what kind of facts should you have available when you book your load with Longshot Logistics? At the very minimum, you must have your name, phone number, and email along with the pickup and drop-off destinations. In addition, you should have handy what the load is composed of, the total miles it will be traveling, how many pallets comprise the load, the total weight, any extra equipment necessary to load it, whether or not the load can be classified as hazmat, and whether the load is a one-time shipment or a multi-part series of deliveries. All of this information will help us at Long Shot Logistics provide you with the best, most efficient service possible.

Load Type
If you are looking to ship a standard van full truckload shipment or flatbed freight, the standard procedures for shipping are comprised of those listed above. But if you’re looking to ship expedited freight, you should contact the dispatchers at LSL directly so that special urgency can be placed on the delivery of your load. And in general, you should stay in contact with us at Longshot Logistics to make certain that all delivery requirements are clearly understood by both sides.

Other Important Facts
Once you get your shipment booked, we will provide you with information regarding the carrier and when he is scheduled to arrive at your location. If for some reason, this information does not get to your, please contact Longshot Logistics as quickly as possible so that we can get that information to you. And of course, if the carrier is late or delayed, be sure to contact LSL to find out the reason. Finally, if you need to change the volume of the shipment, the pickup or drop-off destinations, or any contact information, make sure to contact Long Shot Logistics as soon as possible.

Longshot Logistics
At Long Shot Logistics, we are your full service van full truckload, flatbed, and less than truckload shipping provider. We are committed to providing the best service possible, at the most affordable price. Whether you need to haul heavy equipment cross-continent, or a few pallets to a business right down the street, Longshot Logistics is here to serve you. And with our commitment to customer satisfaction, we can guarantee that you will be more than pleased with our service. Trust our team of professionals to deliver your next load on time, and remember that every load we deliver for you is just another step toward the present and future success of your business.