How To Avoid Truckload GRIs

No more truckload GRIs Every year it seems the truckload industry introduces another round of general rate increases (GRIs).  2016 was no different.

While GRIs may seem inevitable, they’re not.  Our customers didn’t see their rates rise this year.  That’s the advantage of working with a 3PL.  Our business model doesn’t require GRIs.

Here’s why:


Our database contains thousands of truckload carriers based around the United States.  When they partner with us, they know they have to compete to win your business.  In this way we get aggressive rates we pass along to you.

Access to so many carriers also means special services like hazmat or refrigerated truckload (“reefer”) aren’t unique.  We have our pick of carriers.  These often includes carriers in your location – that helps keep costs down too.

Logistics Software

We use a proprietary logistics software to quote, manage, track and analyze every shipment.  This means we can get more done quickly.  A lean and efficient office allows us to keep overhead down.

We use the software to organize carriers, consolidate invoicing and expedite claims.  It allows us to create freight quotes fast and track shipments with multiple carriers immediately.  All of this translates into valuable time savings.

Through technology we turn the old saying “time is money” into a fact.  In this case, that money is the money you save.


A professional staff makes all the difference.  They understand your questions and logistics needs, can create money-saving strategies and prevent costly problems.  You might even find truckload isn’t the most cost-efficient way to ship your specific load.  Partial truckload may make more sense.

Experience is the reason a live voice answers your call.  When you call us you won’t find yourself connected to an industry newbie.  You’ll be on the phone with someone prepared – and able! – to give you answers.

No More GRIs

Partner with a 3PL and you’ll say good-bye to GRIs.  A stable of carriers ready to bid on your business combined with logistics strategies will give you control over freight costs.  Plus, a 3PL can get it done faster and easier.

For more information on how a 3PL can help you business click here.